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We source organic seasonal fruit and veg, mainly from local suppliers in Wales. Our beautiful island is small and occasionally cold so we are limited to what we can grow, so a small selection of our produce will travel from friends overseas. Our veggies that do travel from afar take their journey on a boat rather than a plane, as this has less impact on the environment.

We personalise your veg box to help you minimise food waste and to ensure it works perfectly for you.

We ask you to share with us your likes and dislikes. The contents of your veg box will vary each week with the changing seasons.

Our Vegboxes are unique, here are some of the reasons why:

  • Always organic
  • Personalised
  • Bike delivered
  • No contract
  • Veggies are sourced as locally as possible and we support Riverside Community Gardens.
  • Affordable
  • Independent Box Scheme
  • Free weekly recipe

Collection is free and available all day 9-6pm every Thursday.

Click to order your veg box/grocery box here

Here is a guide to different boxes available, but if you want to spend £13 or £28 you can, we are flexible as your boxes are personalised.

Small Box | £15

Our Best Seller, a mix of veggies and fruit.

Juice/Smoothie box | £15

packed full of fruit & veggies, perfect for juicing and making healthy smoothies.

Medium Box | £20

For the veggie lovers!

Large Box | £25

Families with healthy appetites, growing kids/adults & a love of cooking. Perfect if you make soups, stews etc.

Extra Large Box | £30

If you have a pet goat! Ideal if you cook most nights, have multiple people living with you, if you make yummy lunches also, juicing, soups. All the veggies & fruit.


Why not turn your veg box into an Grocery box? You can add anything from milk, butter, cheese, fresh bread, coffee, Welsh salt, quinoa,  tinned pulses and much more!


Shopping made easy, tasty, ethical, sustainable, all in one box, and brought to you from a small, independent business.



Order your Veg box here






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Why not turn your veg box into an Grocery box? Let us add anything from milk, butter, cheese, fresh bread, pasta, tinned pulses and much more!



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Our Veggies will be a variety of colours, shapes and sizes with a bit of dirt (those dirty root veg!!!). We like mis-shaped, knobbly fruit and vegetables, they are often the tastiest of the bunch.

None of our fruit and veg is sprayed with nasty chemicals…they are as mother nature intended. This also helps to protect our vital bee population.


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Opening Hours

Tues – Sat
9am – 6pm
10am – 4pm


We are very much a deli and corner shop
with a little café, so unfortunately
we are unable to take reservations.

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