Chilli lover

A selection of 4 handmade chilli jams

  • Penylan Preserves Chilli jam *Mild (226g)
  • Single Variety Lemon drop chilli jam *Hot. Lemon drop chilli is a variety of chilli (220g)
  • Penylan Preserves Jalapeño jam *Medium (226g)
  • Parva sweet chilli sauce *medium (155ml)

Penylan Preserves kitchen is four doors up from the Pantry, in Cardiff.

Parva spices is based in Tintern, all handmade by Ben.

Single Variety..showcasing the flavour of one single variety of fruit.

All made with natural ingredients, no artificial preservatives, flavours or colours. Gluten and dairy free.

Perfect served with toasted cheese sandwiches, with Avocado, on a cured meats board, or an accomplishment to salads and sandwiches. If like us, straight from the jar.


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